Bioinformatics and Genomics

ZebraShare: a new venue for rapid dissemination of zebrafish mutant data
Mason Posner –– Zebrashare will be a valuable resource for the large and growing zebrafish research community to share gene edited mutants and collaborate on follow up studies. This crowdsourcing of mutants, built right into ZFIN, will help prevent redundant work and facilitate sharing of data.
Multi-schema computational prediction of the comprehensive SARS-CoV-2 vs. human interactome
Shawn Gomez –– This manuscript describes the identification of a set of predicted protein-protein interactions between SARS-CoV-2 and its human host. This work is relevant on its own, as well as being highly complementary to other efforts focused on accelerating our understanding of this virus and potential mechanisms of pathogenesis.
Reproducible, portable, and efficient ancient genome reconstruction with nf-core/eager
Alexander Schliep –– A great community-wide framework to reproducibly, efficiently and robustly analyze ancient DNA.
The methylation level of TFAP2A is a potential diagnostic biomarker for retinoblastoma: an analytical validation study
Jesus Vera –– This may help to the diagnosis of retinoblastoma and others eye conditions.
Characterization of the GRAS gene family reveals their contribution to the high adaptability of wheat
Alexander Bolshoy –– GRAS gene family is very important in plants. This study promotes research in the field.
Syncmers are more sensitive than minimizers for selecting conserved k‑mers in biological sequences
Joseph Gillespie –– In this novel work, Dr. Edgar makes a significant advance on using k-mer selection for sequence analysis: selected k-mers act as seeds for sequence matching, with generated "syncmers" having attractive properties of minimizers without having to depend on neighboring sequence.
Development and clinical validation of a 3-miRNA signature to predict prognosis of gastric cancer
Cheng Zhan –– This manuscript constructed a 3-miRNA signature to predict prognosis of gastric cancer.
Assessing the effects of time-dependent restrictions and control actions to flatten the curve of COVID-19 in Kazakhstan
Antonio Palazón-Bru –– The authors assessed the spread of COVID-19 in central Asia, giving us relevant information about this new disease.
MKL-GRNI: A parallel multiple kernel learning approach for supervised inference of large-scale gene regulatory networks
Othman Soufan –– This work highlighted a novel approach to infer the gene regulatory network in a scalable manner and while addressing heterogeneous sources of information.
Gene signatures with predictive and prognostic survival values in human osteosarcoma
Zekiye Altun –– This manuscript has contain new data about osteosaacoma according to bioinformatic data. It suggests 20 genes signature for diagnostic and prognostic purposes for OS. This data can be useful for clinicans and basic researchers in this area.
Bioinformatics and Genomics

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