Biodiversity and Conservation

Allergic rhinitis, rather than asthma, might be associated with dental caries, periodontitis, and other oral diseases in adults
Cheng-Chia Yu –– AR might be associated with caries, periodontitis, pulpitis, gingivitis, and stomatitis/aphthae in young adults
Two new species of Notodasus Fauchald, 1972 (Annelida: Capitellidae) from the Central Indo-Pacific region
Patricia Gandini –– The paper increase the knowledge on marine Biodiversity .
Effects of mechanical and chemical control on invasive Spartina alterniflora in the Yellow River Delta, China
Gabriela Nardoto –– It brings new insights in how to minimize the potential environmental pollution for an efficient management of new invasive patches of S. alterniflora.
A comprehensive molecular phylogeny of Geometridae (Lepidoptera) with a focus on enigmatic small subfamilies
Patricia Gandini –– An interesting study addressing a phylogeny estimation that provides evolutionary relationships within the moth family Geometridae including rare taxa not sampled before.
Phylogenomic analyses confirm a novel invasive North American Corbicula (Bivalvia: Cyrenidae) lineage
Tim Collins –– Bringing this level of data to bear on questions of the history of populations of this highly invasive clam promises to help us dissect the epidemiology of invasion at an unprecedented level.
Twisted tale of the tiger: the case of inappropriate data and deficient science
Barry Brook –– Useful critical reflections on the difficulties of accurately monitoring rare species in difficult-to-access habitats, and the uncertainties that arise when analysing field data.
Assessment of the factors influencing primary care physicians’ approach to vaccination of adult risk groups in Istanbul, Turkey
Gregory Gilbert –– The attitude of PCPs is important in bolstering herd immunity. PCPs can educate their patients in the importance of such a concept.
A new species of terrestrial frog of the genus Noblella Barbour, 1930 (Amphibia: Strabomantidae) from the Llanganates-Sangay Ecological Corridor, Tungurahua, Ecuador
Joseph Gillespie –– Important advancement on frog systematics
Validity of the iLOAD® app for resistance training monitoring
Scotty Butcher –– This new app solves a problem with current apps in the resistance monitoring literature by allowing real-time velocity feedback. The authors have shown excellent validity compared with direct velocity measures.
Molecular evidence that the Channel Islands populations of the orange-crowned warbler (Oreothlypis celata; Aves: Passeriformes: Parulidae) represent a distinct evolutionary lineage
Michael Wink –– good study on an important topic
Biodiversity and Conservation

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