Biodiversity and Conservation

Fungal infection, decline and persistence in the only obligate troglodytic Neotropical salamander
Nikolay Poyarkov –– An important paper for the better understanding of causes of amphibian declines in Neotropics based on a combination of historical and current surveys for Bd fungal disease.
Species distribution modelling of Bryde’s whales, humpback whales, southern right whales, and sperm whales in the southern African region to inform their conservation in expanding economies
Patricia Gandini –– A big contribution for marine mammal conservation
Quinquelaophonte enormis sp. nov., a new interstitial copepod (Harpacticoida: Laophontidae) from Korea
Patricia Gandini –– A description of New species in Korea
Density and diversity of macroinvertebrates in Colombian Andean streams impacted by mining, agriculture and cattle production
Rodolfo Jaffé –– Evaluating the composition of aquatic macroinvertebrates communities in streams impacted by gold mining, agriculture and cattle production, this manuscript reveals impoverished communities in agricultural areas compared to those affected by with mining or cattle.
Two new nematode species (Plectida: Leptolaimidae, Rhadinematidae) from Chatham Rise, New Zealand
Natalia Zhukova –– The article devoted to the description of two new species of nematodes from order Plectida is very interesting because representatives of this order rarely found in marine waters. The drawings and photographs are of a very good quality.
Five new pseudocryptic land planarian species of Cratera (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida) unveiled through integrative taxonomy
Jean-Lou Justine –– The paper describes five new species of land flatworms on the basis of integrative taxonomy including five molecular markers and a detailed morphological study. A tour de force of modern systematics!
High moon brightness and low ambient temperatures affect sloth predation by harpy eagles
Patricia Gandini –– The Article improves the knowledge on the predator-prey systems and how environmental variables affect it in a tropical environment.
Identifying mangrove-coral habitats in the Florida Keys
Patricia Gandini –– The paper is a valuable contribution to the knowledge on potential expansion of coral habitats in the mangrove and Coral- refuges in the Florida Keys
Current and future trends in socio-economic, demographic and governance factors affecting global primate conservation
Patricia Gandini –– An important contribution to better understand threats and conservation startegies in primates.
Slender salamanders (genus Batrachoseps) reveal Southern California to be a center for the diversification, persistence, and introduction of salamander lineages
Victoria Sosa –– This paper adds to understanding evolutionary history of salamanders in the California biogeographic province.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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