Biodiversity and Conservation

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An interesting article I handled as editor has been published @thePeerJ #Biochemistry #Bioinformatics #Microbiology #NaturalResourceManagement

Our new work out today led my Florita Flores, and good to see our Bayesian NEC R package getting some use (

Second chapter of my PhD, and first paper as last author, published in @thePeerJ! Check out the story of two of the most common hitchhikers of the sea  #Biogeography #MarineBiology #MolecularBiology #Zoology #Fouling #Bioinvasion #Amphipoda #Cosmopolitan

Exploring the socio-economic and environmental components of infectious diseases using multivariate geovisualization: West Nile Virus @thePeerJ

Effectiveness of non-lethal predator deterrents to reduce livestock losses to leopard attacks within a multiple-use landscape of the Himalayan region @thePeerJ

Morphological changes in the lower Lancang River due to extensive human activities @thePeerJ

Outstanding performance of an invasive alien tree Bischofia javanica relative to native tree species and implications for management of insular primary forests @thePeerJ

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For a botanist tobacco is more then just cigarettes. e.g. Aztec tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) is an ancient Native American tobacco species used in shamanic rituals. We just revealed it has a smokin' hot

An article I handled as editor has been published today @thePeerJ. Read it here: #Biodiversity #Biogeography #Taxonomy #Zoology #scicomm