Biodiversity and Conservation

Editors' Picks

A novel fully convolutional network for visual saliency prediction
Pinar Duygulu –– Very informative and constructive reviews.
Access to scientific literature by the conservation community
Max Lambert –– This work provides a stunningly rich data set for a well-understood, but poorly quantified problem in conservation science and practice - access to the scientific literature.
Molecular phylogenetics and evolutionary history of the endemic land snail genus Everettia in northern Borneo
Nikolay Poyarkov –– A cool study where authors use phylogeny of endemic land snails to understand the impact of climate and geology on the formation of tropical biodiversity in the island of Borneo.
Sharing for science: high-resolution trophic interactions revealed rapidly by social media
Petteri Muukkonen –– It uses rather novel data source (social media), which have recently more popular data source even in the ecoligical studies
Open Access uptake by universities worldwide
David Stern –– Open access to the scientific literature is a topic of widespread interest across disciplines. This paper reports on how much uptake of open access there has been so far.
Forecasting Bitcoin closing price series using linear regression and neural networks models
Anwitaman Datta –– Cryptocurrency price prediction is of interest for making investment decisions; and is an active area of research. The presented work furthers the current understanding to certain extent. It is thus a topic and contribution of reasonable but limited interest.
Addressing incomplete lineage sorting and paralogy in the inference of uncertain salmonid phylogenetic relationships
Agnes Dettai –– This paper provides an interesting and in depth analysis, the authors test various filters to generate datasets representing different aspects of the tetrasomic genome of Salmonids, highlighting the conflicts of the subsets.
A new species of frog (Terrarana, Strabomantidae, Phrynopus) from the Peruvian Andean grasslands
Diogo Provete –– This paper describes a new species of direct-developping frog from a remote location in the Peruvian Andes. It's one step further in documenting frog biodiversity in the Neotropics.
A new large canopy-dwelling species of Phyllodytes Wagler, 1930 (Anura, Hylidae) from the Atlantic Forest of the state of Bahia, Northeastern Brazil
Patricia Gandini –– A detailed description of a anuran species. An importante taxonómica Study with great importance for Conservation
Historical museum collections and contemporary population studies implicate roads and introduced predatory bullfrogs in the decline of western pond turtles
Todd Anderson –– Important work taking advantage of archival data and on a broad group of organisms (reptiles) that often suffers from a lack of research interest.
Biodiversity and Conservation

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