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Assessing the breeding phenology of a threatened frog species using eDNA and automatic acoustic monitoring
"Through comparison of eDNA and acoustic monitoring, this study validated a sensitive eDNA-based ddPCR species detection assay that can accurately detect a specific mitotype of the Western Chorus Frog."
Xavier Pochon, Handling Editor
Eight single nucleotide polymorphisms and their association with food habit domestication traits and growth traits in largemouth bass fry (Micropterus salmoides) based on PCR-RFLP method
"Cost-saving methods for genotyping SNPs in cultured fish, with results that warrant continued investigation."
James Reimer, Handling Editor
Does plastic type matter? Insights into non-indigenous marine larvae recruitment under controlled conditions
"Controlled demonstration of the nuances associated with understanding NIS interactions with plastics in the environment."
Amy Siuda, Handling Editor
Co-occurrence of seagrass vegetation and coral colonies supports unique fish assemblages: a microhabitat-scale perspective
"Greatly enhance our knowledge of the ecology of seagrass."
Izwandy Idris, Handling Editor
Growing up is hard to do: a demographic model of survival and growth of Caribbean octocoral recruits
"More baseline studies such as this are needed on octocorals and other comparatively understudied marine taxa."
James Reimer, Handling Editor
Unified methods in collecting, preserving, and archiving coral bleaching and restoration specimens to increase sample utility and interdisciplinary collaboration
"This study is the product of a National Science Foundation-sponsored workshop that aimed at consolidating our collective knowledge across the disciplines of Omics, Physiology, and Microscopy & Imaging regarding the methods used for coral sample collection, preservation, and archiving. It offers valuable simple steps for collecting, preserving, and archiving coral-bleaching specimens that can increase the impact of individual coral bleaching and restoration studies."
Xavier Pochon, Handling Editor
Spatial distribution, diversity, and taphonomy of clypeasteroid and spatangoid echinoids of the central Florida Keys
"An excellent example of how a simple dataset can be used to address complex issues covering neontological and paleontological aspects in echinoid distribution."
Izwandy Idris, Handling Editor
Benthic ecosystem functioning under climate change: modelling the bioturbation potential for benthic key species in the southern North Sea
"This article models bioturbation potential under a continuous global warming scenario for seven southern North Sea key bioturbators. Results indicate that some of the selected bioturbators might partly compensate the decrease in bioturbation by others."
Rodolfo Jaffé, Handling Editor
Diversity and distribution of Symbiodiniaceae detected on coral reefs of Lombok, Indonesia using environmental DNA metabarcoding
"This is the first study using eDNA metabarcoding of water and sediment samples to characterize dinoflagellates in the family Symbiodiniaceae from Lombok Indonesia. It provides great new insights on these critical micro-alga from a very diverse yet understudied region of the world."
Xavier Pochon, Handling Editor
Anthropogenic influences on the distribution of a threatened apex-predator around sustainable-use reserves following hydropower dam installation
"The manuscript explains the human impact on otter ecology very clearly. This manuscript may be a trend setter for many researches which may study the similar or related parameters across the world wherever the riverine biology is changed under human influence and bringing many species near extinction."
Mahendra Tomar, Handling Editor

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