Stuart Lipton
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Stuart A. Lipton


Adjunct Professor of Neurosciences; Professor and Director, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute; Professor (adjunct), Salk Institute for Biological Studies and The Scripps Research Institute.

Neurologist/neuroscientist Stuart Lipton, MD, PhD is a renowned expert in dementia. He was trained at Cornell University, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University. In addition to running a basic-science laboratory at The Scripps Research Institute, he has an active clinical neurology practice at UC San Diego focusing on dementia and general neurology. Lipton completed his PhD thesis research with John Dowling at Harvard, followed by clinical residency and a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard with Torsten Wiesel during the time that Wiesel won the Nobel prize. He was then on the Harvard faculty for over 20 years before moving to La Jolla as founding director of a new neuroscience center in 2000.


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Professor and Director

Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute


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