University of Michigan

23 Peer-reviewed Articles

19 Preprints

Is habitat important? Morphology and genome size of Epipactis helleborine (L.) Crantz growing in anthropogenic and natural habitats
119 views · 20 downloads
A case of mistaken identity: ‘Latviusobrutus and new dipnoans from the Frasnian of Stolbovo, Russia
113 views · 14 downloads
MTopGO: a tool for module identification in PPI Networks
156 views · 73 downloads
Defending scientific integrity in conservation policy processes: lessons from Canada, Australia, and the United States
1,425 views · 93 downloads
A connect-approach in high-grade glioma management; Position statement from the Neuro-Oncology Scientific Club (NOSC), Shiraz, Iran
145 views · 95 downloads
Keys to successful scientific VGI projects
1,156 views · 92 downloads

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