University of Michigan

36 Peer-reviewed Articles

18 Preprints

On the biochemical associations of FoxO3a and SirT1 with the stress resistance of cells from the slow senescing Snell dwarf Mouse
1,452 views · 1,206 downloads
Sex Matters in Health and Disease: a review of biological sex differences with an emphasis on glioma
933 views · 782 downloads
The phylogenetic origin and evolution of acellular bone in teleost fishes: insights into osteocyte function in bone metabolism
1,897 views · 3,015 downloads
Embracing heterogeneity: Building the Tree of Life and the future of phylogenomics
4,263 views · 2,272 downloads
Cause of gene tree discord? Distinguishing incomplete lineage sorting and lateral gene transfer in phylogenetics
1,327 views · 1,242 downloads
A case of mistaken identity: ‘Latviusobrutus and new dipnoans from the Frasnian of Stolbovo, Russia
820 views · 166 downloads

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