University of New South Wales

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28 Peer-reviewed Articles

11 Preprints

Whole genome sequencing of a novel, dichloromethane-fermenting Peptococcaceae from an enrichment culture
1,063 views · 503 downloads
Visualization of Biomedical Data
1,423 views · 1,834 downloads
Diverse effects of Perlecan-HS on cell and matrix regulation: Tendon destabilization in Hspg2 Exon 3 null HS deficient mice reveals essential homeostatic roles for HS in cellular regulation and tendon functionality
546 views · 258 downloads
Versioned data: why it is needed and how it can be achieved (easily and cheaply)
2,119 views · 1,604 downloads
Functional and morphometric analysis of a middle Miocene bandicoot (Marsupialia, Peramelemorphia) skeleton from the Riversleigh World Heritage Area, Australia
1,021 views · 337 downloads
Defending scientific integrity in conservation policy processes: lessons from Canada, Australia, and the United States
2,045 views · 391 downloads

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