Supported transfer service from Taylor & Francis journals to PeerJ up and running

by | Apr 26, 2024 | Community, Company News

Since our announcement last month that we were joining Taylor & Francis, we’ve been hard at work with the T&F team to implement author service integrations and improvements. The first of those – a supported service allowing authors to transfer to PeerJ – is already up and running.

T&F’s Transfer Team are a specialist group of editors who help authors find the right journal for their research. We’ve been working with them to identify journals in the T&F portfolio that could offer an opportunity to authors, whose initial submission is rejected for scope reasons, to find a home at PeerJ. As well as analyzing the submission to ensure a good fit with PeerJ, the team at T&F provide a supported submission process to authors who choose to transfer, handling the bulk of the submission process at PeerJ.

Authors: keep an eye out for emails from the T&F Transfer Team and, if you haven’t heard of PeerJ before, you can look forward to a developmental peer review process on a state of the art submission platform, class-leading customer service from our Editorial and Publishing Operations teams, and enhanced visibility for your research, with millions of readers, indexing in Web of Science, Medline, Scopus and PubMed Central and more. We look forward to welcoming you to the PeerJ Community!

One of the benefits we knew would come from joining Taylor & Francis was the opportunity to bring our ethos and approach to even more researchers worldwide and it’s great to see that in action so quickly; we’re also excited to giving more researchers the opportunity to enjoy the PeerJ experience.

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