PeerJ welcomes the IABO community to the IABO Hub

PeerJ is delighted to welcome the IABO community to its new publishing home – the IABO HubWe’ve been working with members of IABO – the International Association for Biological Oceanography – to build the Hub, and we believe that collaboratively we’ve built a useful and beneficial home for your research.

What is the IABO Hub?

The Hub features the latest research from your community. Submissions to the Hub are assessed by the Hub Editorial Team. Made up of fellow IABO members, the Hub Editorial Team ensures that the research featured on the Hub is of interest to your community. Articles are peer reviewed and published in PeerJ, the Open Access journal for life and environmental sciences, meaning you have immediate access to high-quality, indexed journals.

The IABO Hub Editorial Team

Prof Ana Carolina Peralta, Universidad Simon Bolivar

Dr Cesar Cordeiro, Universidade Estadual do Norte Fluminense

Prof Mark Costello, Nord University

Benefits for IABO Members

IABO Members receive meaningful benefits when you choose to publish via the Hub, including a 10% discount on PeerJ’s Article Processing Charge. Like all PeerJ contributors, Hub users earn PeerJ Tokens for your contributions to peer review, which you can choose to either reduce your publishing costs, or donate to a Hub Cooperative Publishing Fund, which will be launched shortly. You will also be able to choose to convert your 10% member discount into Tokens and add them to the Fund. If you don’t have the means to pay publication charges, you can request to use the Fund, which will be managed by IABO.  Supporters of IABO and funders of biological oceanography research will also be able to buy Tokens to add to the Fund, which will be seeded by PeerJ. 

Anyone can browse the Hub, read the research and make a presubmission enquiry, but IABO members can access more features – and unlock benefits – by joining the Hub Community

It’s free to join IABO and all researchers of the biology of the sea are invited to join – you can apply here.

“We invite all biological oceanography researchers to become IABO members and join the Hub Community – both of which are free to do. Researchers can apply to become an IABO member on our website” said Yasmina Shah Esmaeili, lead of IABO’s Communications Task Force.

It’s also free to join the Hub community. If you already have a PeerJ account and are an IABO member you will be automatically added, if you used the same email address. If not, just click “Join the Hub Community” on the Hub homepage and follow the instructions on screen. 

We’d love you to spread the word to your colleagues about the Hub in person, via email or on social media. You can click the links below get started:

Tell us what you think

We’re looking forward to receiving your feedback about the Hub – you can contact us by emailing If you have any ideas about what might make the Hub useful please tell us – we want to keep on adding new features that you, the community, needs.

We wanted to extend our thanks to the IABO team who have trusted us to build your Hub, and worked so productively with us over the last few months to develop your new home. Thank you to Enrique Montes (IABO President), Suchana “Apple” Chavanich (IABO Secretary), Mark Costello (Former IABO President), Yasmina Shah Esmaeili (IABO Communications Task Force lead) and Cesar Cordeiro (IABO Science Task Group) for all their input. 

Interested in launching a Hub?

You can find out more about Hubs on the Hubs homepage. We’d love to discuss your options, so please reach out to the PeerJ Communities team to start a conversation.

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