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Spectrophotometric determination of L-α- glycerylphosphorylcholine in pharmaceutical formulations and industrial equipment cleaning rinse water with the WAKO Phospholipids C assay kit
UV-Visible Spectroscopy
Quality assessment of the commercially available alcohol-based hand sanitizers with femtosecond thermal lens spectroscopy
Novel Analytical Technologies, Spectroscopic Analysis
Analysing binding stoichiometries in NMR titration experiments using Monte Carlo simulation and resampling techniques
Analytical Chemistry (other), Chemometrics, NMR Spectroscopy
A simple, cost-effective colorimetric assay for aluminum ions via complexation with the flavonoid rutin
Spectroscopic Analysis, UV-Visible Spectroscopy
Identification and quantification of flavonoids in 207 cultivated lotus (Nelumbo nucifera) and their contribution to different colors
Analytical Chemistry (other), Mass Spectrometry
Spatial metabolomics shows contrasting phosphonolipid distributions in tissues of marine bivalves
Analytical Chemistry (other), Mass Spectrometry, Omics Technologies, Surface and Structural Imaging
Determination of optical density (OD) of oligodeoxynucleotide from HPLC peak area
Analytical Chemistry (other), Novel Analytical Technologies, Sample Handling, Spectroscopic Analysis, UV-Visible Spectroscopy

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