Masato Oda


Dr. Masato ODA is a senior researcher of the Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) – an international hub of agricultural sciences in Japan.

He started his carrier from rice cultivation study then shifted to agricultural information system study for the relation between climate and crop growth. From 2003 to 2007, he lived in Northeast Thailand as a member of JIRCAS rainfed project. He studied about water saving cultivation and developed a new water saving technology based on scientific results and put it to practical use by farmers' participatory approach. The result was archived in FAO good practice database. Later, he became the project leader.

From 2010, he has started new works about low input agriculture. He made research for low input high yield irrigated rice cultivation in Indonesia. In 2012, he visited Brazil for investigating the low input high yield cultivation for upland crops. Those result shared through the IFA (International Fertilizer Association) seminar in Indonesia 2012 and China 2013.

Now, he applied his work to an environmental conscious vegetable production at atoll. On the other hand, he is managing flood plains rice production research project at Ghana.

Agricultural Science

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Senior researcher

Japan International Research Center for Agricultural Sciences
April 2007
Crop, Livestock and Environment Division


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