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20 Feb 2017

This work presents the integration of the PySAL Gi* hotspot detection in QGIS. This plugin is a first step towards the insertion of PySAL in QGIS which would improve drastically t...

12 Oct 2016

Interesting project and implementation. It seems you did focus on a post-processing technique to control the validity of a volunteer contribution. I suggest that you also consider...

20 Feb 2017

An interesting work trying to find ways to improve the SDI users experience through efficient search capabilities. Below some recommendations that may be useful for a full paper: (...

20 Feb 2017

(1) General comment: could the authors be more precise when they write ‘the most appropriate interpolation technique’. In the abstract: “shows a study of the most appropriate inter...

20 Feb 2017

Would it be possible to improve the state of the art, showing the diversity of existing open source solutions at the intersection between population genetics and geographic informa...