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Marta Cimitile


Marta Cimitile received her degree with full marks and honors in Ingegneria Gestionale in 11/12/2003 from the Facoltà degli Studi di Napoli “Federico II”, presenting a thesis in “Enterprise management: organizational and technical problems related to implementation of a CRM”.

She has also received her PhD in software engineering at the Department of Informatics in the University of Bari, presenting a thesis in: “Knowledge Economy in Software Engineering”.

Currently she is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the Faculty of Economics of the Unitelma Sapienza in Rome (Italy). Her main research is in the study and evolution of Process Mining, Process and Knowledge Management and Knowledge transfer in Open Innovation.

She was involved in several industrial projects for the realization of an Experience Factory for the knowledge storing and reuse and she made several teaching and training activities in the context of these research projects . She is also partner of the SER&Practices spin off company of the University of Bari.

Computer Networks & Communications Distributed & Parallel Computing Human-Computer Interaction Security & Privacy Software Engineering World Wide Web & Web Science

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University of Roma "La Sapienza"
Main research topics are: 1) Process Modeling and Process Mining: definition and experimentation of methods, techniques and technologies to model, measure and optimize processes. Context-aware process modelling, imperative and declarative process mining technique, process automation through Service Oriented Architectures. 2) Data mining, content annotation and search: data mining fot the study, extraction and identification of data link in the context of Software Repository and code analisys. 3) Web applications refactoring and quality improvement: Approaches and techniques for the reverse engineering and evolution of legacy systems and web applications.Methods and models for the conceptual user-centered design of business web applications. 4) Ontology-based approaches, Experience Base, Experiece Factory for Knowledge Management: the study and sperimentation of the approaches to the knowledge collection, storing, extraction and transfering in Open Innovation. The adoption of ontologies for formalization of domain knowledge

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