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PeerJ Computer Science is the new open access journal covering all subject areas in computer science, with the backing of a prestigious advisory board and more than 300 academic editors.
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20 November
Solving the inverse heat conduction problem using NVLink capable Power architecture
Distributed and Parallel Computing Graphics Scientific Computing and Simulation Software Engineering
139 views · 9 downloads
Sándor Szénási
DANNP: an efficient artificial neural network pruning tool
Algorithms and Analysis of Algorithms Artificial Intelligence Data Mining and Machine Learning
352 views · 57 downloads
Mona Alshahrani, Othman Soufan, Arturo Magana-Mora, Vladimir B. Bajic
Integrating User eXperience practices into software development processes: implications of the UX characteristics
Human-Computer Interaction Software Engineering
507 views · 92 downloads
Pariya Kashfi, Agneta Nilsson, Robert Feldt
Are suggestions from coupled file changes useful for perfective maintenance tasks?
Data Science Software Engineering
393 views · 39 downloads
Jasmin Ramadani, Stefan Wagner
DGPathinter: a novel model for identifying driver genes via knowledge-driven matrix factorization with prior knowledge from interactome and pathways
Bioinformatics Computational Biology
377 views · 52 downloads
Jianing Xi, Minghui Wang, Ao Li
The appropriation of GitHub for curation
Human-Computer Interaction Software Engineering
519 views · 182 downloads
Yu Wu, Na Wang, Jessica Kropczynski, John M. Carroll
Research Articles in Simplified HTML: a Web-first format for HTML-based scholarly articles
Digital Libraries World Wide Web and Web Science
890 views · 103 downloads
Silvio Peroni, Francesco Osborne, Angelo Di Iorio, Andrea Giovanni Nuzzolese, Francesco Poggi, Fabio Vitali, Enrico Motta
Guidelines for using empirical studies in software engineering education
Computer Education Software Engineering
851 views · 89 downloads
Fabian Fagerholm, Marco Kuhrmann, Jürgen Münch
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