Maria A. Islas-Osuna

Maria A. Islas-Osuna


I got a Bachellors degree in Chemistry and a masters degree in Food Science and Nutrition in my country, Mexico. After, I got a PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology at The U of A in Tucson, AZ. I came back to Mexico (Hermosillo, Sonora) to start my career as a PI working with plants (grapevine and mango, and recently went back to Arabidopsis) in a postharvest department. I have been collaborating with people that work with plant-pathogen interaction and also people that work with shrimp proteins. Currently my lab (students and an associated Researcher) is working different biochemical pathways during development and ripening of mango fruit, using trancriptomics we are now identifying gene families in each pathway of interest. We are making progress towards mango gene products function using Arabidopsis mutants and phenotype rescue.

Biochemistry Molecular Biology Plant Science

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Centro de Investigación en Alimentación y Desarrollo, A.C.
Dr. Islas-Osuna is dedicated to activities of research, teaching and divulgation in the life sciences area. Specifically in areas of Plant Science at CIAD where Doctoral and Masters Degree on Science are offered to students that have completed their Bachelor´s Degree. Research in the medical area is also pursued by Dr. Islas-Osuna by collaborating with Researchers from University of Sonora where she teaches Molecular Biology courses at the Bachelor´s, Masters and Doctoral Degrees.

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