Georg Umgiesser
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Georg Umgiesser


Georg Umgiesser has two masters degrees in oceanography and physics and a PhD in biomedical sciences. He is working at the CNR as a senior scientist.

Principal fields of investigation are hydrodynamic modeling, circulation and sediment transport. He has developed a series of finite element models for shallow water bodies (SHYFEM) for the study of hydrodynamic processes, water quality and transport phenomena. He has participated in various EU projects dealing with the North Sea and the Mediterranean, turbulence studies and application of 3D models. He was a visiting professor at the Kyushu University, Japan. He is also lead researcher at the Open Access Center of Klaipeda University. He is the Italian coordinator of the ESFRI project Danubius-RI dealing with study on river-sea systems.

Biogeochemistry Computational Science Ecohydrology Scientific Computing & Simulation Software Engineering

Past or current institution affiliations

Work details

Senior Scientist

Institute of Marine Sciences, Venice, Italy
November 1992
Software development, numerical modeling, storm surge forecasting, transitional areas and lagoons

Lead Scientist

Klaipeda University
October 2010
Open Access Center
Coordination of modeling group, lecturer, Project management


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