Eduardo Rodríguez-Román

Eduardo Rodríguez-Román


Biologist - UCV.
Research Associate at IVIC
PhD Student - Microbiology - IVIC.

Agricultural Science Bioinformatics Biotechnology Evolutionary Studies Microbiology Virology

Work details

Research Associate

Venezuelan Institute for Scientific Research (IVIC)
June 2013
I study genome organization and the evolution of viruses. I am describing and characterizing new plant viruses of my country as Potyviruses, Partitiviridae, Tospoviruses, Tobamoviruses, Closteroviruses and any genus of plant viruses. I worked too with HBV and HIV, and molecular characterization and description of quasispecies behaviour of HCV in diferent human fluids.

Consultant in Molecular Biology

Instituto Nacional de Higiene "Rafael Rangel"
May 2011 - May 2013
I worked as consultant in area of molecular biology for study of bacterial pathogens as Brucella spp, Leptospira sp and Salmonella sp, doing molecular characterization of these, and implementing molecular proves for kits diagnostics development.

PeerJ Contributions