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Alex T Ford


Alex completed an undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences (1996) at the University of Plymouth (England, UK) before embarking on a masters in Environmental Biology at Swansea University (Wales, 1997). After spending several years working as a marine benthic ecologist and taxonomist he undertook a PhD in Invertebrate Physiology and Ecotoxicology at Napier University Edinburgh (Scotland, 2001-2004). Between 2004 and 2008 he continued to be based in Scotland working as a Lecturer in Marine Biology and Ecotoxicology before moving south to the University of Portsmouth (England) where he is now a Professor of Biology. His expertise lies mainly in invertebrate biology, ecology and ecotoxicology.

He is currently course leader for an MSc entitled Applied Aquatic Biology and unit leader for courses on: Ecotoxicology and Pollution; Science and the Media; Marine Ecophysiology and Marine & Terrestrial Ecology.

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Professor of Biology

University of Portsmouth
Biological Sciences

February 10, 2015
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