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Dr. David Clunie is a radiologist, medical informaticist, DICOM open source software author and editor of the DICOM standard. He was formerly the co-chair of the IHE Radiology Technical Committee and industry co-chairman of the DICOM Standards Committee, as well as being a member or chairman of several of the DICOM working groups, including structured reporting, digital x-ray, compression, interchange media, base standard, display, mammography, clinical trials and small animal imaging. He is an active participant in many clinical trial and radiology organizations and working groups, and has a special interest in radiation dose informatics.

Before becoming an independent consultant, he was the CTO of CoreLab Partners (formerly RadPharm), until it was acquired by BioClinica, and prior to that was Medical Imaging Products Director of Development at ComView Corporation, Director of Medical Imaging Technology at Quintiles Intelligent Imaging and before that, Lead Designer for DICOM Standardization at GE Medical Systems.

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PixelMed Publishing, LLC
Publisher of educational material about DICOM and related subjects, as well as development of open source and custom software, and consulting and training in the field, and expert witness services in patent litigation.

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May 24, 2016
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https://doi.org/10.7717/peerj.2057 PubMed 27257542
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