Amy I Price


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Dr. Amy Price worked as a Neurocognitive Rehabilitation consultant and in International Missions before sustaining serious injury and years of rehabilitation. She emerged with a goal to build a bridge between research methods, research involvement and public engagement where the public is trained and empowered to be equal partners in health research. She is a Doctoral Candidate at the University of Oxford and has worked in many areas of research and development. Amy’s experience has shown her that shared knowledge, interdisciplinary collaboration and evidence-based research will shape and develop the future. She serves on multiple boards and charities including as a BMJ Research Fellow and as a member of the BMJ Patient Panel.

Brain-Computer Interface Cardiology Clinical Trials Cognitive Disorders Ethical Issues Evidence Based Medicine Global Health Neuroscience Psychiatry & Psychology Public Health Science & Medical Education Science Policy Translational Medicine

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EBHC DPhil Student

University of Oxford
January 2014

Research Fellow

December 2015


January 2013


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