University of Oxford

30 Peer-reviewed Articles

34 Preprints

Virtual reconstruction of the brain and sinuses of the early Jurassic marine crocodylomorph Pelagosaurus typus (Thalattosuchia)
277 views · 39 downloads
Identifying zooplankton community changes between shallow and upper-mesophotic reefs on the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, Caribbean
80 views · 17 downloads
CATALISE: a multinational and multidisciplinary Delphi consensus study of problems with language development. Phase 2. Terminology
2,383 views · 421 downloads
Whole-brain ex-vivo quantitative MRI of the cuprizone mouse
262 views · 56 downloads
Genome-wide association of functional traits linked with Campylobacter jejuni survival from farm to fork
625 views · 85 downloads
XTENS: a neuroblastoma copy number variation repository at the BIT-Gaslini biobank
162 views · 24 downloads

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