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Yann Clough


Yann Clough is Professor for Environmental Science at the Centre for Environmental and Climate research (CEC), Lund University. His research addresses the drivers of biodiversity in human-dominated landscapes, and the impact of biodiversity on ecosystem services. His approach combines landscape-scale empirical studies of biodiversity and functions of arthropods and birds in crops, statistical and mechanistic, spatially-explicit modelling of arthropod-based ecosystem services, and interdisciplinary approaches to link policy, land-use change and environmental effects.

Agricultural Science Biodiversity Ecology Ecosystem Science Entomology Environmental Sciences Natural Resource Management

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Professor for Environmental Science

Lund University
September 2013
Centre for Environmental and Climate research (CEC)
The Centre for Environmental and Climate Research, CEC, is a center at Lund University. CEC conducts research, education and communication in the field of environmental science and climate research, read more here http://www.cec.lu.se/.

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