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Won Cheol Yim


I gained experience and broad technical training in both lab-based molecular genetics and bioinformatics research. During my doctoral dissertation research, I examined rice gene expression patterns and rice evolution using both in vitro and in silico approaches. I have developed an integrated database and analysis environment to support this research by creating a web-based data analysis platform. I also have a strong background in genomics and expertise in various computational platforms, including Linux and Grid computing as well as programing computational languages such as Perl, R, Python, and Bash. My research has resulted in numerous publications on genomics, bioinformatics, and evolutionary analyses. I am excited to share my extensive expertise and collaborate with other researchers to expand its bioinformatics mission.

Agricultural Science Bioinformatics Biotechnology Computational Biology Ecology Evolutionary Studies Genetics Genomics Plant Science

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University of Nevada - Reno
Biochemistry and Molecular biology


Dongguk University