Isaac Appiah Otoo

Isaac Appiah Otoo


I have had an innate inclination towards the study of physical sciences which commenced at my secondary education level where I studied physics together with mathematics and chemistry. I moved a notch higher when I opted for Physics as undergraduate Bachelor’s degree programme with a project in the “Emission levels of carbon dioxide from some selected automobiles” and moved further with Earth Sciences programme with little knowledge in Earth Sciences. However, I managed to grasp the basics of Geology and Hydrogeology. I proceeded to write a thesis on the movement of solutes in the Unsaturated Soil Zone with the view of understanding the origin of high salinity of the groundwater of the coastal area of Ghana. my long term goal is to become a lecturer and researcher in future, so to have a broad influence on the scientific community in Ghana and beyond.
I like researching into natural sciences and mathematics.

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Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences, University of Ghana
Nuclear Sciences and Applications

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