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Victor S Pylro


Dr. Victor S. Pylro is a microbial ecologist holding experience on molecular microbial ecology. He is one of the initiators of the Brazilian Microbiome Project (BMP -, a Brazilian Microbial Genomics Consortium and Database. At present, many microbial metagenomic projects underway in Brazil are widely known, and the main goal is to co-ordinate and standardize these, together with future projects. Dr. Victor Pylro is working closely to several Brazilian and International researchers and companie's technicians, in order to standardize methods and protocols to be adopted by the BMP. Also, he is the coordinator of the Committee of Knowledge Transfer of the National Institute of Science and Technology: Microbiome (recently proposed), concerned in the formation of human resources and the transfer of knowledge to society, by developing activities aimed at overcoming educational challenges in Brazil.

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