Venkata Mallampalli

Venkata KPS Mallampalli


As a researcher, I am fascinated by life science specifically on biochemistry and plant biology. My expertise range from molecular biology to transmission electron microscopy. I am always a keen reader of publication material ranging from general biology to medicine. I have been playing a key role in several NIH projects based on lipid-protein interaction.

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Work details

Research Assistant III

University of Texas Health Center at Houston
February 2010
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
As a Research Assistant III at McGovern Medical School (UTHSC-H), I play a major part in the NIH funded project on the role of cardiolipin in assembly and function of the Mitochondrial respirasome. By using biochemical and molecular approaches, I have played a key role in understanding the structure and function of cardiolipin dependent respiratory enzymes of yeast mitochondria. My expertise in Biochemistry and state of the art electron microscopy played an important role in several nationally funded projects. My expertise also brought several collaborations throughout and beyond the organization. Apart from research, I am also responsible for maintenance of the lab and equipment and providing assistance to various labs in electron microscopy to help their projects. My previous expertise also include characterization of flavonoid glucosyltransferase enzymes from citrus paradisi. It includes molecular cloning, biochemistry and enzymatic studies.


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