Meutchieye Félix

Meutchieye Félix


Agricultural Engeneer iwith major in Animal husbandry, graduated in 1998, Dschang, Cameroon. MSc in Environmental Sciences in 2007, Dschang. Certificate in Molecular Biology with Concepto Azul (University of Guyaquil-Ecuador) in 2007; MSc in Animal breeding and Livestock Sytems in 2008 in Dschang. PhD fellow in Molecular Genetics with ILRI-BecA Hub Cameroon-Kenya. Consultant in rural development/fair trade for more than 10 years. Lecturing in 04 universities (Cameroon and DRC). Project PI

Agricultural Science Biodiversity Genetics Molecular Biology

Work details

University Lecturer/Project Cavies Principal Investigator

University of Dschang/Faculty of Agronomy and Agricultural Sciences
Department of Animal Science

Biosciences in eastern and central Africa-International Livestock for Research Institute

PeerJ Contributions