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Mauro Fasola


Director of the Dept. Biologia Animale (2000-2006), of the Centro Bioacustica (2006), President of Scienze Naturali (2007-2010) at Pavia university
Research on ecology, zoogeography and ecotoxicology, 200 papers (Web Knowledge 1993-2012: 119 papers, 1422 citations, h 19)
Coordination of International programs: a research for the EU (1998-2002); a unit for the Italian Program in Antarctic (1997-98), and programs of the Italian Ministero Esteri (Kenya 2003-2006, Yemen 2008-2010, Albania 2011)

Animal Behavior Biodiversity Ecology Taxonomy Toxicology Zoology

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Full Professor (Zoology)

Università di Pavia, Italy
Dipartimento Scienze della Terra e dell'Ambiente


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