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Timothy D. Warner


Dr. Warner graduated in pharmacology in 1986 from King’s College London. He then moved to the newly established William Harvey Research Institute to pursue his PhD studies under the supervision of Prof. Sir John Vane (Nobel Laureate, 1982) during which time he was awarded the Premier Prix Annuel de Recherche en Phlébologie. In 1989 he completed his PhD and went to pursue his post-doctoral studies with Ferid Murad (Nobel Laureate 1998) at Northwestern University and Abbott Laboratories, Chicago. He returned to the William Harvey Research Institute in 1992, being awarded a British Heart Foundation lectureship in 1995. He was promoted Reader in Pharmacology in 1999 and awarded a personal chair in Vascular Inflammation in 2000, at which time he was the recipient of the British Pharmacology Society’s Novartis Prize. He has been listed by the Instit. for Scientific Information among the top 0.5% of cited pharmacologists. Currently he is Dept. Dean for Research in the School of Medicine and Dentistry and Deputy Director (Research & Innovation) of QMUL’s Life Science Initiative and previously SMD Deputy Dean for Postgraduate Research. He is a Fellow of the British Pharmacological Society, the American Heart Association and the Society of Biology, he is also a member of the British Society for Cardiovascular Research, International Society for Hypertension Research and the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis. He is currently principal editor of the journal ‘Platelets’.

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