Sander van der Laan

Sander W van der Laan


I studied at the University of Utrecht (the Netherlands) and earned my Bachelor's degree in Biology. Following that I earned my Master's degree in Biology of Disease at the University Medical Center Utrecht of the University of Utrecht. In the mean time I also worked at a biotechnology start-up Cavadis (Utrecht, the Netherlands) which was focused on cardiovascular biomarker diagnostics development based on large-scale 'omics'-data.
This gave further inspiration to pursuit a PhD in cardiovascular genomics which you can find here and here

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Work details

Junior PostDoc

University Medical Center Utrecht
July 2016
Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology
My research interests include the fine-mapping of stroke and cardiovascular disease risk loci through functional genomics using microarray and sequencing technologies, high-throughput imaging, and causal inference by means of Mendelian randomisation. I am currently working on functional genomics of cardiovascular risk loci, quantitative trait loci analyses in circulating cells and atherosclerotic tissues, high-through imaging of histological slides, genome-wide association studies of putative biomarkers, and epigenetic analyses of cardiovascular disease.

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