Stuart Hamilton

Stuart E Hamilton


I am an Assistant Professor at Salisbury University in Maryland. My primary research interest is using GIS and Remote Sensing to make better policy decisions and improve environmental outcomes.

Biogeography Environmental Sciences Spatial & Geographic Information Systems

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Associate Professor, GIS Management Graduate Director

Salisbury State University
August 2014
Geography and Geoscience
Faculty member in the Department of Geography and Geoscience. Teach graduate courses in GIS, databases, GIS Management, and oversee the GIS cooperative experience. Teach undergraduate courses in GIS, RS, cartography, the coastal zone, and programming. Maintain an externally funded GIS / RS research agenda involving undergraduate and graduate students in the process of research that results in peer-reviewed scientific publications and externally funded competitive grants. Publish in top-tier discipline specific and interdisciplinary journals. Supervise graduate and undergraduate research projects. Member of the Eastern Shore Regional GIS Cooperative (ESRGC). Serve on college and university level committees. Graduate Program Director. Advise all graduate students throughout the program. Schedule all graduate classes. Hire all graduate adjunct faculty. Manage graduate program budget. Conduct graduate marketing and recruitment. Head the graduate applications committee. Recruit, hire, and supervise RAs and TAs and obtain external researching funding for RAs. Develop graduate curriculum including assuring program accreditation. Supervise 4- 5 independent research studies RAs. Place students in internships and employment.

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