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Stian Soiland-Reyes


tl;dr: Open Source research software engineer with interests in Linked Data, RESTful web services, provenance, annotations, open science, reproducible research results.

Stian Soiland-Reyes is a Technical Architect and Research Associate in the School of Computer Science. He joined the myGrid team in 2005, where he became the Technical Lead Developer of the successful, open-source scientific workflow management system Taverna, which he helped transition to the Apache Software Foundation incubator.

Stian co-developed the Research Object model and ontologies, and co-developed a service-oriented semantic web architecture for workflow preservation (Wf4ever). Working with the Open PHACTS Foundation, Stian adapted its Linked Data platform to run as Docker microservices. Working with BioExcel, Stian focuses on CWL and reproducible workflows.

Co-authors on the Common Workflow Language specification, Stian is part of the CWL leadership team.

Co-authoring W3C Recommendations for Provenance, and collaborating on W3C Community efforts like Open Annotation (now Web Annotation Model), JSON-LD and w3id.

Open source developer, contributed to software like ORCID, Apache Jena, OWL API, JSON-LD Java; maintaining several Docker images. Apache Software Foundation member, (Apache Commons, Incubator, Taverna, Commons RDF).Curator of jai-imageio-core and beanshell.

Data Science Digital Libraries Scientific Computing & Simulation World Wide Web & Web Science

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Technical Architect, Researcher

University of Manchester
March 2006
eScience Lab, School of Computer Science

Common Workflow Language Leadership team

Software Freedom Conservancy
August 2017
Common Workflow Language Leadership team

Foundation Member

Apache Software Foundation
October 2014
Apache Commons, Apache Incubator, Apache Taverna
PMC member of Apache Commons, Apache Incubator. Committer/PPMC member/mentor of Apache Taverna (incubating) Committer on Apache Commons RDF. Apache Foundation Member since 2017-03.

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