Sarah J Leicht Severino


I am broadly interested in coral reef ecology. More specifically, I am interested in coral reproduction, settlement, and growth, and how these dynamics are changing as our coral reef ecosystems are subject to increased frequency and severity of anthropogenic disturbances. For my masters research, I developed a method that utilized the natural fluorescent pigmentation found within some species of corals to census the abundance and size of the recruit and juvenile coral populations on natural reef substrate during daylight (see profile background photo of Pocillopora damicornis, Montipora capitata, and Porites compressa juveniles). Juvenile coral populations within Kāne’ohe Bay, O'ahu, HI, were documented through the 2014 bleaching event (publication in progress).

Marine Biology Zoology

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Research Vessel First Mate

Hawaii Pacific University
July 2016

Marine Biologist

Cardno Environmental Consulting
September 2016

Master of Marine Science in Marine Science

Hawaii Pacific University
ended - December 2015
College of Natural and Computational Sciences

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