Shailesh Kumar

Shailesh Kumar


➢ Current Area of Interest
• Detection of fusion genes in cancer and normal RNA-seq samples.
• RNA-seq and CHIP-seq data analysis.
• Assembly and functional annotation of microbial and higher eukaryote genomes.
• Comparative genomics.
• Large-scale population data handling (i.e. 1000 genome project).
• Variation detection, affected gene detection and drug-target relationship from NGS data of human samples.
• Web servers and databases development.
➢ Future Area of Interest
• Fusions detection cancer and normal RNA-seq samples.
• Plant genomics.
• Functional annotation of microbial genomes and Metagenomics.
• Genome Wide Association (GWA) studies.
• Cancer genomics.
• Large-scale variation data analysis.
• Whole genome, transcriptome and exome sequencing data analysis.
➢ Web Servers/ Web pages/ Standalones Developed
• GenomeABC: A webserver for benchmarking of genome assemblers. (
• Genomics web portal page. (
• Map/Alignment module of CancerDr: Cancer Drug Resistance Database.
• Short reads and contigs alignment module of PCMDB: Pancreatic cancer methylation database. (
• Burkholderia sp. SJ98 database.
• Development of Debian packages in OSDDlinux: A Customized Operating System for Drug Discovery. (

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