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Eager to learn more about how we developed an ovarian explant culture

Forelimb joint biomechanics of reindeer during walking and trotting: https://t.co/1bdnN7tGOa

Social status has impacts upon both foraging ability and body condition in horses. New #openaccess paper from @SarahLGiles' PhD thesis! https://t.co/5FVsQk0Odq #ponies @BristolBioSci @Bristol_Vets https://t.co/CeWl1crvrF

Now published: https://t.co/NwbjZVHEyy

Waiting for Nevada to finish counting? Read our new paper on color morph bite force & chemical signals in #Podarcis erhardii

Geographic variation in the skull morphology of the lesser grison (Galictis cuja: Carnivora, Mustelidae) from two Brazilian ecoregions https://t.co/BsEd2L8Z7P @thePeerJ https://t.co/2fA1YGRr9V

New paper published today in @thePeerJ: Mortality of native and invasive ladybirds co-infected by ectoparasitic and entomopathogenic fungi. https://t.co/ft0f2Tjopw #cology #entomology #microbiology #mycology #parasitology

Genetic variations and #dog breed identification using inter-simple sequence repeat markers coupled with high resolution melting analysis https://t.co/paooWiwMpy @thePeerJ https://t.co/nHHUAjp4J6

Un nouveau ver envahisseur ? L’avis d’un expert

Un nouveau ver plat envahit les Antilles françaises

Une nouvelle espèce invasive de ver plat découverte en Guadeloupe et en Martinique

Les vers plats prédateurs envahissent les Antilles

Land flatworms are invading the West Indies