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New publication from @UTK_TCE @utcvm collaborationin @PeerJLife https://t.co/IIEzE6CSuF #AnimalBehavior #Zoology #Kinesiology

New AFAR publication from @Emma_Churchman and @scottmacshack They show that white-throated sparrow migratory restlessness and body fat seems insensitive to fat-related hormone leptin. Function of leptin in birds is enigmatic. @westernuBio https://t.co/xsdJH4Rhbv

New research from @GeorgiaSouthern presents a comparison of non-surgical methods for sexing young gopher #tortoises (Gopherus polyphemus) Read the full article https://t.co/lOZoeolfnl #ConservationBiology #Ecology #Zoology

Aggressive signaling among competing species of #birds https://t.co/0kE6jqAF39 @thePeerJ https://t.co/Ii4qhcSG8z

Woke up today as a published scientific author! Well done team! Finally.. it’s published! This is one chapter of my Master’s research- looking at life history and condition of Arctic soft-shell clams! https://t.co/8IOd9Yd8i1

Weitzman et al. @virginia_tech @CDUni examine antibiotic perturbation of gut bacteria does not significantly alter host responses to ocular disease in a songbird species Read the full article https://t.co/k3gSue9vlD #Ecology #Microbioloy #InfectiousDiseases

Our article has been published today in @PeerJLife https://t.co/nSId3SfXYB #AnimalBehavior #Entomology #EvolutionaryStudies @Ivelize @Mischocarvalhus @Cin_Oi @TWenseleers Amanda Prato

Tavera et al. describe a #NewSpecies of deep-sea #grunt, Rhonciscus pauco (Lutjaniformes: Haemulidae), from Puerto Rico Read the full article https://t.co/avvQBxiRAG @mikaela_tsu #Aquaculture #Fisheries

Sexual dimorphism in shell size of the land snail Leptopoma perlucidum (Caenogastropoda: Cyclophoridae) https://t.co/4cP3EDq47i @thePeerJ https://t.co/IOAXOrpwTE

Prevalence and richness of malaria and malaria-like parasites in wild #birds from different biomes in South America https://t.co/ZJFZ9zmyC3 @thePeerJ https://t.co/rCHBZ2cQbH