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The gut microbiome correlates with conspecific aggression in a small population of rescued dogs (Canis familiaris)
Jennifer Vonk –– This is a novel study that has important practical applications to the management of pet dogs
Dogs can be trained to find a bar magnet
Lesley Rogers –– Investigation of the ability of dogs to respond to magnetic information is of broad interest.
COI barcoding of plant bugs (Insecta: Hemiptera: Miridae)
Hilary Morrison –– The article provides a molecular identification method for members of an important taxonomic group.
Anti-predator defences of a bombardier beetle: is bombing essential for successful escape from frogs?
Michael Wink –– Interesting story
Differences in persistence between dogs and wolves in an unsolvable task in the absence of humans
Jennifer Vonk –– Behavioral flexibility is an important topic that gets at underlying species differences in cognition. Here, the authors were able to examine wolves and dogs, which may point to the impact of domestication on some aspects of canid cognition.
Catch fast and kill quickly: do tiger beetles use the same strategies when hunting different types of prey?
Barry Brook –– Useful study on decision making in insect predators.
Sociality genes are associated with human-directed social behaviour in golden and Labrador retriever dogs
Jennifer Vonk –– Gene - behavior associations is a very important and growing area of research. These types of studies will help us understand the impact of domestication at a more molecular level in canids.
Sexual dimorphism in the Arachnid orders
Kenneth De Baets –– This manuscript a comprehensive review of sexual dimorphism in arachnids including several small understudied orders. This makes it possible to discuss general patterns and gaps in our current knowledge. For the more general audience, it might be interesting to see how male and female arachnids can differ.
Egg perivitelline fluid of the invasive snail Pomacea canaliculata affects mice gastrointestinal function and morphology
Jörg Oehlmann –– The article contributes to the understanding of animal chemical defence mechanisms against predation and is also important from an evolutionary perspective as it describes a trait that could be a key factor for the broad geographical distribution for ampullariid snails.
A new species of Brachycephalus (Anura: Brachycephalidae) from southern Brazil
Jörg Oehlmann –– The identification and description of a new species in a highly threatened vertebrate taxonomic group is very important to conserve our biodiversity.
Zoological Science

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OSU Press Release: "Sample of rescued dogs shows link between gut microbiome, aggressiveness "