Zoological Science

Cortical bone adaptation and mineral mobilization in the subterranean mammal Bathyergus suillus (Rodentia: Bathyergidae): effects of age and sex
Daisuke Koyabu –– Interesting finding on mole rats. May imply resistance to aging.
Actively transcribed and expressed atp8 gene in Mytilus edulis mussels
Tim Collins –– This study shows that a gene that has been assumed to be missing in the mitochondrial genomes across several phyla based on in silico analyses is in fact present in Mytlius edulis, with the implication that the gene is likely present in other taxa as well. A good reminder of the value of good protein-based bench work.
Teleost and elasmobranch eye lenses as a target for life-history stable isotope analyses
Jennifer Vonk –– Seems valuable in providing novel methodology that can be widely applied to the study of fish.
Variations in early life history traits of Japanese anchovy Engraulis japonicus in the Yangtze River Estuary
Kenneth Leung –– It provides basic biological information on the Japanese anchovy in Yangtze River which is under various threats.
Exosomes in cancer: small vesicular transporters for cancer progression and metastasis, biomarkers in cancer therapeutics
J. Thomas Sanderson –– Good, solid and timely review of the entitled topic.
On the taxonomic status and distribution of African species of Otomops (Chiroptera: Molossidae)
Michael Wink –– good taxonomic and phylogenetic work on African bats
Haimormus shimojiensis, a new genus and species of Pseudozeuxidae (Crustacea: Tanaidacea) from a submarine limestone cave in Northwestern Pacific
James Reimer –– Discovery and description of a new species of Tanaidacea from a marine cave - a rare finding!
Host and symbiont genetic contributions to fitness in a Trichogramma–Wolbachia symbiosis
Joseph Gillespie –– It adds information to the dynamics that underpin Wolbachia's ability to turn infected wasps into parthenogenetically reproducing hosts.
Inducible nitric oxide synthase (NOS2) knockout mice as a model of trichotillomania
Fulvio D'Acquisto –– An interesting study widening our knowledge of the multiple biological roles of nitric oxide.
Playing by the rules? Phenotypic adaptation to temperate environments in an American marsupial
Virginia Abdala –– The paper deals with important concepts in the field of Ecology, testing them empirically. Its results can be useful for people working in other biological disciplines such as Comparative Morphology.
Zoological Science

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Evaluation of a novel syndromic surveillance system for the detection of the 2007 #melamine-related #nephrotoxicosis foodborne outbreak in dogs and cats in the USA. The novel syndromic surveillance system can accurately detect foodborne illness outbreaks https://t.co/5iLJNPRXqa https://t.co/WfvDLMF0PC

Platygyra verweyi in the Kenting Reef undergoes long-term acclimatization and/or adaptation based on microgeographic and local environmental conditions by altering its combinations of associated Symbiodiniaceae. https://t.co/C6sFNHhtSc

Genome-based development of 15 microsatellite markers in fluorescent multiplexes for parentage testing in captive tigers https://t.co/bns7np9P6j @thePeerJ https://t.co/3edhLczR1G

Predicting the consequences of global warming on Gentiana lutea germination at the edge of its distributional and ecological range https://t.co/5JwXxchpPr @thePeerJ https://t.co/UZSb6dz1x4

It's finally out! Also check out its partner paper https://t.co/Q3JVd5GhUa to see results from our own sediment cores! https://t.co/fNpiY8Np8G

New paper on #paleolimnology, #metals, #geochemistry, and the #GreatLakes! Where the heck do the metals come from? https://t.co/iqJUDu6bvW @thePeerJ @UMDNRRI1 https://t.co/6tXLEdMY1X