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Lateralization (handedness) in Magellanic penguins
Lesley Rogers –– To my knowledge, this is the first paper reporting lateralization of behaviour and structure in penguins. It is a comprehensive study and will make a valuable comparison to the study of lateralization in birds and other vertebrates.
Intermittent reproduction, mortality patterns and lifetime breeding frequency of females in a population of the adder (Vipera berus)
Daniel Lahr –– The study deals with an 18-year long study on reproductive behavior in a viper. This adds a large a mount of robust information to the literature. The study is basically a "must-read" and "must-cite" for further research in the area.
Evolution of digestive enzymes and dietary diversification in birds
Luis Eguiarte –– This is an important study that analyses the molecular and genomic evolution of the digestive enzymes in birds, a group that includes a wide variety of feeding strategies. The article is relevant given that birds are a charismatic and important group of animals, and also because the ideas used and developed here show a general comparative methodology for future comparative genomic studies in birds and other animals and even in plants, fungi and microbes.
Spiders did not repeatedly gain, but repeatedly lost, foraging webs
Joseph Gillespie –– Advances knowledge and methods for establishing the ancestral condition of foraging web making in spiders
Behavioral responses around conspecific corpses in adult eastern gorillas (Gorilla beringei spp.)
Jennifer Vonk –– It is very rare to find detailed observations of primates' response to the death of conspecifics and it is a topic that can really illuminate aspects of their cognitive understanding of death.
Underwater sound production varies within not between species in sympatric newts
John Measey –– This work adds considerably to the little known world of caudate acoustics, describing high frequency clicks produced by adults underwater.
Serial monogamy benefits both sexes in the biparental convict cichlid
Simon Griffith –– It provides nice insight into the benefits of social pair bonds in a fish, broadening the taxonomic depth of work in this area.
Effects of Salmonella enterica serovar Enteritidis infection on egg production and the immune response of the laying duck Anas platyrhynchos
Carlos Conte-Junior –– This paper has interesting information on a major public health pathogen. Microbiology and immunology were studied together to understanding this pathogen in duck production.
Potential surrogate plants for use in semi-field pesticide risk assessment with Megachile rotundata
Sheila Colla –– Methods to test pesticide impacts on species other than honeybees and bumblebees will be important for policy and regulation going forward.
The gut microbiome correlates with conspecific aggression in a small population of rescued dogs (Canis familiaris)
Jennifer Vonk –– This is a novel study that has important practical applications to the management of pet dogs
Zoological Science

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