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Retrospective study on admission trends of Californian hummingbirds found in urban habitats (1991–2016)
Leonardo Montagnani –– This study helps in understanding the threats and the possible solution for small birds living in urban areas
Sexual dimorphism in mud crabs: a tale of three sympatric Scylla species
Isabella Bordon –– Sexual dimorphism in mud crabs
Effects of dietary inorganic chromium supplementation on broiler growth performance: a meta-analysis
Charles Okpala –– This paper contributes to the body of knowledge regarding chromium in broiler, very essential to the poultry industry.
Differential gene expression in a tripartite interaction: Drosophila, Spiroplasma and parasitic wasps
Joseph Gillespie –– Alvear et al. show a detailed profile of gene expression in an insect-microbial symbiosis while responding to attack by a parasitic wasp.
Genome size versus geographic range size in birds
José Maria Cardoso da Silva –– Interesting paper analyzing the relationship between range size and genome size in birds.
Incomplete lineage sorting and ancient admixture, and speciation without morphological change in ghost-worm cryptic species
Joseph Gillespie –– Cerca et al. employ state-of-the-art population genomics approaches to illuminate a complex of cryptic species in a meiofaunal annelid.
Offspring and adult chemosensory recognition by an amphisbaenian reptile may allow maintaining familiar links in the fossorial environment
Jennifer Vonk –– I agree with the reviewers on the novelty of a study focused on parental care and sociality in reptiles. This will make an important contribution to the literature.
Tolerance of two anhydrobiotic tardigrades Echiniscus testudo and Milnesium inceptum to hypomagnetic conditions
Wagner Magalhães –– The manuscript includes an experimental approach to test if two species of tardigrades can survive under hypomagnetic conditions. It will be relevant for biologists in general, tardigrade enthusiasts and astrobiologists.
Night of the hunter: using cameras to quantify nocturnal activity in desert spiders
James Baxter-Gilbert –– The increasing understanding of the importance of invertebrate communities, and their conservation, relies on the ability of researchers to understand their ecology better. This study examines the use of camera traps for collecting information on arthropods, using spiders as a model system, as well as outlining limitations, potential solutions, and future directions.
Effects of dietary fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) seed powder supplementation on growth performance, nutrient digestibility, small intestinal morphology, and carcass traits of broilers
Korakot Nganvongpanit –– Dietary supplementation of fennel (Foeniculum vulgare Mill.) seed powder, resulted in a beneficial impact on broiler digestion and absorption abilities, carcass traits and intestinal histological, especially at a concentration of 0.30%, which improved intestinal morphological development and thus promoting healthy and efficient development in Cobb broiler chickens.
Zoological Science

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Our paper is out today @thePeerJ: Optimizing speleological monitoring efforts: insights from long-term data for tropical iron caves https://t.co/BDguy8I7fc #Biodiversity #ConservationBiology #Caves #Speleology

@jgwieringa's paper on modeling bat migration is now available in @thePeerJ https://t.co/c0JRLHlCAv. Nice work Jamin!! #AnimalBehavior #Biogeography #Ecology #Zoology @EEOB_OSU

Just published in @PeerJLife - A #NewSpecies and new fossil mantis #shrimp and the convergent evolution of a lobster-like morphotype Research from Haug and Haug @LMU_Muenchen Read the full article https://t.co/pZIQMRg7Oj #EvolutionaryStudies #Paleontology https://t.co/zDO9rXvPNe

A quantitative assessment of site-level factors in influencing Chukar (Alectoris chukar) introduction outcomes https://t.co/sPOwtukN5L @thePeerJ https://t.co/8BZakxHdnK

Idade e crescimento de Palaeoloxodon huaihoensis do Canal de Penghu, Taiwan: significado de sua distribuição etária com base em fósseis https://t.co/0mbe9FQW9X

Rodriguez et al. investigate the respiratory #organs of P. canaliculata by studying the lung of this species at the anatomical histological and ultrastructural levels @UNCUYO @ruhrunibochum Read the full @PeerJLife article https://t.co/37JbueyUjK #Aquaculture #Evolution https://t.co/KMUGG2pSTF

Brazilian silverside, Atherinella brasiliensis (Quoy & Gaimard,1825) embryos as a test-species for marine fish ecotoxicological tests https://t.co/9djjF3lA4T @thePeerJ https://t.co/XbQklEVuzA

Just published in @PeerJLife - @PanditPranav et al. @ucdavis present a retrospective study on admission trends of #Californian #hummingbirds found in urban habitats (1991–2016) Read the full article https://t.co/mgSPcgiJ5m #Conservation #Biology #Ecology #Zoology https://t.co/4Y0U3zSgSL

The latest paper I handled @thePeerJ introduces a new mutant sharing resource for the #Zebrafish community - welcome ZebraShare! https://t.co/R00PGHtbKj #Zebrafish