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Function matters: a review of terminological differences in applied and basic clicker training research

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Jennifer Vonk –– This will be a valuable resource for both researchers and trainers in more applied settings and will help to further the cause of empirical research to back accepted training regimes.
Functional significance of cuckoo Cuculus canorus calls: responses of conspecifics, hosts and non-hosts

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Michael Wink –– interesting work on cuckoos
Nonspecific stress response to temperature increase in Gammarus lacustris Sars with respect to oxygen-limited thermal tolerance concept

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Salvador Sánchez-Carrillo –– Biochemistry of environmental stress in organismal to be used as biomarkers
Th2 cytokine bias induced by silver nanoparticles in peripheral blood mononuclear cells of common bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops truncatus)

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Susanne Brander –– It describes new findings regarding sublethal immunotoxic effects caused by a contaminant class (nanoparticles) of emerging concern in a marine organism of ecological importance.
Integrative taxonomy of the genus Pseudostegana (Diptera, Drosophilidae) from China, with descriptions of eleven new species

Editor rating: 8 / 10

John Ringo –– Eleven new species are described. Classical morphological characters are analyzed alongside genetic data, a nice synthesis.
foxr1 is a novel maternal-effect gene in fish that is required for early embryonic success

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Mason Posner –– This study uses the zebrafish to show that the foxr1 transcription factor is maternally inherited and important for early embryonic development. The authors use a combination of CRISPR genome editing and measurements of mRNA expression to provide compelling evidence for their conclusions. A phylogenetic analysis suggests that the importance of foxr1 may be widespread in vertebrates. This study is a good example of an integrative approach to examining vertebrate early development and an excellent use of the zebrafish model system.
Environmental stressors may cause equine herpesvirus reactivation in captive Grévy’s zebras (Equus grevyi)

Editor rating: 8 / 10

Fernando Spilki –– The findings are of importance for those handling captive zebras.
Disentangling the mechanisms of mate choice in a captive koala population

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Haseeb Khan –– This study adds to the knowledge about captive breeding of endangered koala.
AANAT transgenic sheep generated via OPS vitrified-microinjected pronuclear embryos and reproduction efficiency of the transgenic offspring

Editor rating: 7 / 10

Shao-Chen Sun –– This study applies melatonin into transgenetic animal production.
Captive gibbons (Hylobatidae) use different referential cues in an object-choice task: insights into lesser ape cognition and manual laterality

Section Editor rating: 7 / 10

Jennifer Vonk –– Lesser ape cognition is really understudied in comparison to other primates despite the unique nature of their social structure and their important place in the lineage of primates.

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AANAT transgenic sheep generated via OPS vitrified-microinjected pronuclear embryos and reproduction efficiency of the transgenic offspring https://t.co/19POYvNpnk @thePeerJ https://t.co/NB23IPGVWE

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