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Effects of motor imagery training on skeletal muscle contractile properties in sports science students @thePeerJ

Increased vitamin D intake may reduce psychological anxiety and the incidence of menstrual irregularities in female athletes Read the full article #Kinesiology #Nutrition #Psychology

Ross et al. @ACUmedia @BondUniversity examine the reliability of #kettlebell swing one and five repetition maximum Read the full article #Kinesiology #Biomechanics #SportsMedicine

Happy to share our published paper in @PeerJLife. Reviewing the effects of hand-eye laterality profiles in sports performance and establishing the methodological basis for future research. Full text available:  #Sports #Neuroscience #Ophthalmology #Biomec

My article has been published today in @PeerJLife #Kinesiology #SportsInjury #SportsMedicine

Gou et al. at Beijing Normal University present new study on eye movement characteristics and intervention of #basketball shooting skill Read the full article #Kinesiology #Ophthalmology #Psychiatry

Determining the hip joint isokinetic muscle strength and range of motion of professional #soccer players based on their field position Read the full article #Kinesiology #Orthopedics #Rehabilitation

Evaluation of physical activity among undergraduate students in Mogadishu Universities in the aftermath of COVID-19 restrictions @thePeerJ

My article has been published today in @PeerJLife #Kinesiology #RespiratoryMedicine #Biomechanics #SportsMedicine