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Intra-subject sample size effects in plantar pressure analyses
"A great methodological paper which could be useful for sample size calculation in several studies."
Antonio Palazón-Bru, Handling Editor
Validity and reliability of Veloflex to measure active cervical range of motion in asymptomatic and symptomatic subjects
"Measuring cervical range of motion in a valid, reliable and feasible way is important for a host of health conditions, with such assessments likely to be conducted by a number of health professional groups. The results of this paper describe how the Veloflex provides these medical and allied health professional groups a valid reliable and potentially feasible way of assessing cervical range of motion."
Justin Keogh, Handling Editor
Effects of functional correction training on injury risk of athletes: a systematic review and meta-analysis
"A great methodology applied to a relevant clinical question."
Antonio Palazón-Bru, Handling Editor
Three-dimensional data-tracking simulations of sprinting using a direct collocation optimal control approach
"Sophisticated 3D computer simulation of sprinting that produces results which broadly compare well with experimental data."
John Hutchinson, Handling Editor
Knee replacement outcome predicted by physiotherapists: a prospective cohort study
"Applicability to a wide range of practitioners, with cross-discipline implications."
Mike Climstein, Handling Editor
Quantifying upper limb motor impairment in people with Parkinson’s disease: a physiological profiling approach
"Measurement tools to quantify various aspects of upper limb impairment in patients with PD are needed."
Kevin Black, Handling Editor
Changes in sprint performance and sagittal plane kinematics after heavy resisted sprint training in professional soccer players
"Setting in pro-sport is rare and this provides a great insight."
Tim Doyle, Handling Editor
Effects of whole-body vibrations on neuromuscular fatigue: a study with sets of different durations
"This article explores how different protocols of whole-body vibrations can affect neuromuscular fatigue"
Amador García-Ramos, Handling Editor
Adequacy of clinical information in X-ray referrals for traumatic ankle injury with reference to the Ottawa Ankle Rules—a retrospective clinical audit
"The paper provides useful information to clinicians worldwide."
John Ringo, Handling Editor


Effects of step length and cadence on hip moment impulse in the frontal plane during the stance phase Read the full article #Kinesiology #Orthopedics #Rheumatology

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Happy to share another article that I co-wrote has been published today in @PeerJLife #Epidemiology #Kinesiology #Orthopedics #PublicHealth #Rheumatology

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New paper alert! Intra-subject sample size effects in plantar pressure analyses. Read it here:

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