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Acute effects of variable resistance training on force, velocity, and power measures: a systematic review and meta-analysis
"This meta-analysis does a good job of summarising the effects of variable resistance training on a host of relevant training related outcomes"
Justin Keogh, Handling Editor
Effects of six weeks outdoor versus treadmill running on physical fitness and body composition in recreationally active young males: a pilot study
"This novel study addresses the physiological changes associated with exercise training between treadmill vs outdoor running on fitness and body composition in recreational active males. The findings lend support to advantages to outdoor running however benefits were also observed in indoor treadmill running. The training modes have been contentious as to which yielded superior results, this study adds insight into specific gains associated with and between each mode."
Mike Climstein, Handling Editor
Can high-intensity interval training and small-sided games be effective for improving physical fitness after detraining? A parallel study design in youth male soccer players
"It compares the efficacy of two commonly used training strategies"
Amador García-Ramos, Handling Editor
Ability of functional performance assessments to discriminate athletes with and without chronic ankle instability : a case-control study
"An important study suggesting that testing functional performance is important in people with ankle instability."
Michelle Ploughman, Handling Editor
Healthcare applications of single camera markerless motion capture: a scoping review
"This paper reviews a large variety of ways that single camera motion capture has been used in a variety of clinical settings and applications. It providers a valuable resource for those interested but unable to use or afford a multi-camera marker-based motion capture system."
John Williams, Handling Editor
Prevalence of hyperglycemia in masters athletes
"An important study in a large sample of Masters athletes."
Michelle Ploughman, Handling Editor
How training loads in the preparation and competitive period affect the biochemical indicators of training stress in youth soccer players?
"Itt is important for anyone involved in training planning and follow-up."
Davor Plavec, Handling Editor
Point prevalence of non-melanoma and melanoma skin cancers in Australian surfers and swimmers in Southeast Queensland and Northern New South Wales
"The study adds to the growing body of work examining skin cancer in people engaging in outdoor activities and suggests that attention to screening and skin protection is required."
Michelle Ploughman, Handling Editor
Differences in lower limb muscle activation between global and selective instability devices in single-leg stance in healthy active subjects
"Ankle sprains are one of the most common lower extremity injuries. Balance and strength are often trained by devices that induce instability. This paper compares several of these devices and examines how they cause activation of the muscles that are important for prevention of future injuries."
Antonie van den Bogert, Handling Editor
Determination of exercise intensity domains during upright versus supine cycling: a methodological study
"This article relates to the important methodological issues for exercise physiology testing, in particular cardiorespiratory and metabolic ones."
Davor Plavec, Handling Editor

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