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The relationship between ethylene-induced autophagy and reactive oxygen species in Arabidopsis root cells during the early stages of waterlogging stress Read the full article https://t.co/CPbxLcxajb #Biochemistry #CellBiology #MolecularBiology

Karst grassland forage quality and its determinants in Guizhou Province of Southwest China Read the full article https://t.co/g39zk5C7sZ #AgriculturalScience #Biodiversity #Ecology #PlantScience

Moura Dias et al. @usponline examine functional and comparative analysis of THI1 gene in grasses with a focus on #sugarcane Read the full article https://t.co/roHqvqpi5c #AgriculturalScience #Genetics #Genomics

Transcriptomic and metabolomic analysis of autumn leaf color change in Fraxinus angustifolia Read the full article https://t.co/JGrBB6WFm0 #AgriculturalScience #Bioinformatics #PlantScience #SyntheticBiology

Hurtado and Knoche @UniHannover find necked #strawberries are especially susceptible to cracking Read the full article https://t.co/60pIBlE8FG #AgriculturalScience #FoodScience

Regenerative plantlets with improved agronomic characteristics caused by anther culture of tetraploid potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) @thePeerJ https://t.co/pbcgnhjy5H https://t.co/EjBwmjfrHf

Botanical characteristics, chemical components, biological activity, and potential applications of mangosteen Read the full article https://t.co/frbEnEq816 #Biochemistry #FoodScience #Technology #PlantScience