Plant Biology

Poppr: an R package for genetic analysis of populations with clonal, partially clonal, and/or sexual reproduction
275 citations · 19,438 views · 2,983 downloads
A large-scale field study examining effects of exposure to clothianidin seed-treated canola on honey bee colony health, development, and overwintering success
57 citations · 7,737 views · 2,113 downloads
Contribution of insect pollinators to crop yield and quality varies with agricultural intensification
38 citations · 6,491 views · 1,617 downloads
Cloning, expression and characterization of an ethanol tolerant GH3 β-glucosidase from Myceliophthora thermophila
28 citations · 3,867 views · 1,403 downloads
Neonicotinoids impact bumblebee colony fitness in the field; a reanalysis of the UK’s Food & Environment Research Agency 2012 experiment
28 citations · 7,889 views · 1,874 downloads
The Xanthomonas Ax21 protein is processed by the general secretory system and is secreted in association with outer membrane vesicles
26 citations · 4,543 views · 703 downloads
Regulation of the heat stress response in Arabidopsis by MPK6-targeted phosphorylation of the heat stress factor HsfA2
31 citations · 4,416 views · 2,017 downloads
Galaxy tools and workflows for sequence analysis with applications in molecular plant pathology
26 citations · 11,587 views · 1,638 downloads
Plastome data reveal multiple geographic origins of Quercus Group Ilex
20 citations · 2,180 views · 676 downloads
Honey bee success predicted by landscape composition in Ohio, USA
20 citations · 2,741 views · 1,333 downloads

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Our field study on clothianidin seed-treated canola and honeybees was published 3 years ago today! @thePeerJ

#R análisis genético de poblaciones con reproducción clonal, parcialmente clonal y/o sexual #rstatsES #DataScience

Honey bee success predicted by landscape via @thePeerJ

@mattwridley @DaveGoulson @essexwindyfarm The statistics in the last paper strongly criticised by EFSA & when reanalysed clear sig. effect on bumblebee health

Nature News: Bee studies stir up pesticide debate

A population genetic R-evolution