Plant Biology

Morpho-histological development of the somatic embryos of Typha domingensis
Robert Winkler –– Technological advance to proliferate endangered species.
Uncovering full-length transcript isoforms of sugarcane cultivar Khon Kaen 3 using single-molecule long-read sequencing
Joseph Gillespie –– Great resource on long-read sequencing and utilizing single-cell data to understand isoforms.
Early-season crop mapping using improved artificial immune network (IAIN) and Sentinel data
Le Yu –– Provides an inovative method for early-season crop mapping
Identification of exosome-like nanoparticle-derived microRNAs from 11 edible fruits and vegetables
Alberto Davalos –– Understanding the mechanism of high stability of plant miRNAs outside the plant is relevant for their possible cross-kingdom regulation (if any). Their transport in exosome-like nanoparticles could be one of those mechanism. However, whether this is enough to have a biological effect in vivo is unknown.
Effect of Burkholderia tropica and Herbaspirillum frisingense strains on sorghum growth is plant genotype dependent
Michael LaMontagne –– Shows how bacteria isolated from one crop can benefit another.
Best in the company of nearby males: female success in the threatened cycad, Zamia portoricensis
Paolo Giordani –– A good and unique contribution about the cycad reproduction in natural populations.
Mitochondrial genomes organization in alloplasmic lines of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) with various types of cytoplasmic male sterility
Vsevolod Makeev –– The authors carefully invested into DNA scaffolding and resolved insertion and inversion in their mt genome, by the way adding the number of sunflower mt genomes available from one two three.
The use of chloroplast genome sequences to solve phylogenetic incongruences in Polystachya Hook (Orchidaceae Juss)
Gabriela Parra Olea –– This manuscript contains a large amount of data to elucidate the phylogenetic relationships of a group of orchids. Interesting methodology.
Two new species of Primulina (Gesneriaceae) from limestone karsts of China
Paolo Giordani –– A small but effective evidence to the fact that we still need good basic sistematic research.
Exosomes in cancer: small vesicular transporters for cancer progression and metastasis, biomarkers in cancer therapeutics
J. Thomas Sanderson –– Good, solid and timely review of the entitled topic.
Plant Biology

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