Plant Biology

Genome-wide analysis of the Catalpa bungei caffeic acid O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene family: identification and expression profiles in normal, tension, and opposite wood
Axel Tiessen –– Comprehensive information about the CbuCOMT gene family is provided
Just a small bunch of flowers: the botanical knowledge of students and the positive effects of courses in plant identification at German universities
Gerard Lazo –– This appears to be an extremely important topic for education, yet focuses on needs for biological studies. As an additional note; there may be other tools available for being able to focus on biodiversity, such as
A multi-year experiment shows that lower precipitation predictability encourages plants’ early life stages and enhances population viability
Tatiana Tatarinova –– Understanding the influence of changing climate on plants is of extreme importance
Effects of root phenotypic changes on the deep rooting of Populus euphratica seedlings under drought stresses
Gerard Lazo –– As the needs for studies on drought stress increase this study may provide discussion points towards refining parameters to be assessed in measuring important interactions.
Phylogeny and circumscription of Dasyphyllum (Asteraceae: Barnadesioideae) based on molecular data with the recognition of a new genus, Archidasyphyllum
Richard Cowling –– The daisy group is ancient and therefore of much wider interest than many other plant clades.
Checklist to the Elatostema (Urticaceae) of Vietnam including 19 new records, ten new combinations, two new names and four new synonyms
Paolo Giordani –– An accurate checklist which doubles the number of species of Elatostema in Vietnam
Efficient generation of human primordial germ cell-like cells from pluripotent stem cells in a methylcellulose-based 3D system at large scale
Shao-Chen Sun –– A system which produces more primordial germ cell-like cells.
Defensin-like peptides in wheat analyzed by whole-transcriptome sequencing: a focus on structural diversity and role in induced resistance
Yuriy Orlov –– The work consider important problem of plant pathogen resistance using modern sequencing technology.
Symmetry breaking of the cellular lobes closely relates to phylogenetic structure within green microalgae of the Micrasterias lineage (Zygnematophyceae)
Jürg Bähler –– This is a thorough study of the evolution of diverse cell shapes in green microalgae.
Structural plasticity in root-fungal symbioses: diverse interactions lead to improved plant fitness
Jorge Curiel Yuste –– Plant-fungal ecological interactions play a central role in how ecosystem function and respond to perturbations. Therefore, ecosystem ecologist will benefit from a review in depth of types and intensity of plant-fungal interactions
Plant Biology

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