Plant Biology

Transcriptome analysis of the induction of somatic embryogenesis in Coffea canephora and the participation of ARF and Aux/IAA genes
Robert Winkler –– The findings on the hormone regulation in the somatic embryogenesis of Coffea canephora is of scientific and socio-economical interest.
The bZIP gene family in watermelon: genome-wide identification and expression analysis under cold stress and root-knot nematode infection
Tatiana Tatarinova –– The paper presents a clear and concise view on an important gene family. Phylogenetics is supplemented with gene expression analysis, and therefore provides several functional level insights.
Exogenous melatonin confers drought stress by promoting plant growth, photosynthetic capacity and antioxidant defense system of maize seedlings
Dunxian Tan –– The study have confirmed the protective effects of melatonin on plants under the abiotic stress. The information is valuable for large scale use of melatonin in the field to improve the yield of the crops.
Bark tissue transcriptome analyses of inverted Populus yunnanensis cuttings reveal the crucial role of plant hormones in response to inversion
Gerard Lazo –– An interesting approach to help fine-tune the understanding of assumed associated genes during classical physiological states. The addition of GO/KEGG terms (pending?) help in developing comparative studies to other modeled systems.
The sugarcane mitochondrial genome: assembly, phylogenetics and transcriptomics
Gerard Lazo –– Significant descriptions are presented to resolve some of the difficulties in sequencing and assembling of organellar genomes, and a base is established to understand the complexity of its mechanisms and interactions.
Characterizing gene tree conflict in plastome-inferred phylogenies
Gerard Lazo –– The authors take a critical look at methods used to infer phylogeny based on plastome structure; this would be a recommended resource for others considering publishing plastome-based manuscripts.
A comparison of inducible, ontogenetic, and interspecific sources of variation in the foliar metabolome in tropical trees
Julin Maloof –– A substantial investigation of metabolites and the sources of their variation in tropical trees.
Estimation of maize above-ground biomass based on stem-leaf separation strategy integrated with LiDAR and optical remote sensing data
Gerard Lazo –– This manuscript provides a focused look at building methods to survey crops and predict plant state using developing technologies with spectral analysis; a nice presentation to build discussion.
Rhopalocnemis phalloides has one of the most reduced and mutated plastid genomes known
Gerard Lazo –– Of the sequenced plastid genomes this appears to be outside expected parameters, and in the work performed required some special attention to methodology. Perhaps the findings may serve as a reference source for other plastid studies.
Comparative transcriptomics reveals the difference in early endosperm development between maize with different amylose contents
Biswapriya Misra –– Gene expression profiles for early endosperm development between maize with different amylose contents is important for improving methods to manipulate grain quality.
Plant Biology

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