Plant Biology

Gynodioecy in the common spindle tree (Euonymus europaeus L.) involves differences in the asymmetry of corolla shapes between sexually differentiated flowers
Julin Maloof –– Great application of morphometrics to an interesting question. Reveals asymmetry differences in sexually differentiated flowers.
Coupled influence of precipitation regimes and seedling emergence time on the reproductive strategy in Chloris virgata
Enrique Mateos Naranjo –– This study analyzes coexisting factors related to climate change on the development of an important species in grassland ecosystem
Soil temperatures and active carbon components as key drivers of C stock dynamics between two different stand ages of Larix principis-rupprechtii plantation
Samuel Abiven –– This article is presenting long term data of carbon soil in forests. These datasets are quite rare and very useful.
Effects of plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria on co-inoculation with Bradyrhizobium in soybean crop: a meta-analysis of studies from 1987 to 2018
Gerard Lazo –– This work presents a fine example of curation to resolve metadata in a number of publications which present the practice and role for supplementing conditions for plant production; the observations may not be what is expected and may stimulate conversation.
Insight into plant cell wall degradation and pathogenesis of Ganoderma boninense via comparative genome analysis
Tatiana Tatarinova –– Identification of genes responsible for plant traits is one of the central tasks of modern agrobioinformatics
Identification of miRNA precursors in the phloem of Cucurbita maxima
Gerard Lazo –– The authors are able to document in this system tractable RNA species to measure phloem transport.
Single-molecule real-time sequencing identifies massive full-length cDNAs and alternative-splicing events that facilitate comparative and functional genomics study in the hexaploid crop sweet potato
Julin Maloof –– Provides an a critical genomic resource for an important crop using cutting edge technology.
The nutrient distribution in the continuum of the pericarp, seed coat, and kernel during Styrax tonkinensis fruit development
Chin Ping Tan –– It is always good to see work related to renewal energy, in this case, a detailed study on chemical composition of a high oil content plant during various fruit development stages.
Genome-wide identification of ZmHMAs and association of natural variation in ZmHMA2 and ZmHMA3 with leaf cadmium accumulation in maize
Gerard Lazo –– The survey of heavy metal ATPases in Maize is an important documentation for the gene family.
Aspergillus terreus obtained from mangrove exhibits antagonistic activities against Pythium aphanidermatum-induced damping-off of cucumber
Julin Maloof –– This article describes a new biocontrol agent for preventing disease in cucumber.
Plant Biology

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