Plant Biology

Genome-wide identification of ABA receptor PYL family and expression analysis of PYLs in response to ABA and osmotic stress in Gossypium
Pankaj Jaiswal –– It contributes to PYL gene family annotation in cotton.
Cell wall composition and lignin biosynthetic gene expression along a developmental gradient in an Australian sugarcane cultivar
Pankaj Jaiswal –– It is an important piece of work describing the cell wall composition from an agronomic food crop that is also a potential bioenergy feedstock.
Age-based and reproductive biology of the Pacific Longnose Parrotfish Hipposcarus longiceps from Guam
James Reimer –– A thorough assessment of the growth patterns and reproductive biology of a commercially important parrotfish species.
Coral-associated viral communities show high levels of diversity and host auxiliary functions
Fabiano Thompson –– addresses virus diversity in reef systems, and roles in genome plasticity.
Gene and genome-centric analyses of koala and wombat fecal microbiomes point to metabolic specialization for Eucalyptus digestion
Peter Prentis –– This article is the first comparative analysis of marsupial microbiomes.
Vegetation structure of plantain-based agrosystems determines numerical dominance in community of ground-dwelling ants
Budiman Minasny –– It evaluates factors affecting ant distribution in the tropics
Anthropogenic water sources and the effects on Sonoran Desert small mammal communities
Jianhua Xu –– This study was to investigate the effects of AWS on desert rodent communities. The work compared AWS sites and non-AWS control sites by an appropriate statistical method, the principal component analysis (PCA).
New species of the endemic Neotropical caddisfly genus Contulma from the Andes of Ecuador (Trichoptera: Anomalopsychidae)
Joseph Gillespie –– New species description
New Cernotina caddisflies from the Ecuadorian Amazon (Trichoptera: Polycentropodidae)
Dezene Huber –– Two new species descriptions for an understudied part of the world that is facing cumulative anthropogenic threats.
Erwinia amylovora psychrotrophic adaptations: evidence of pathogenic potential and survival at temperate and low environmental temperatures
Blanca Landa –– The ms will provide insights into the biology and ecology of tis important plant pathogenic bacteria
Plant Biology

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